2018.19 Enrollment Dates

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General Orientation/Enrollment Information:

  • Orientation/Enrollment sessions are at UALC
  • Expect to stay at orientation session 2 -3 hours
  • Children should not accompany parents to the orientation session
  • No childcare is available to the orientation session


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ESL Orientation/Enrollment

Currently, all night classes are full.  Please call 918.357.7040 or 918.357.7035 for information on our next enrollment for Night Classes.  Please see the attached ESL Fall schedule.  

Fall enrollment for morning classes varies by time and site.  Please see the attached ESL Fall Schedule to determine the next enrollment location, time and date.  

Enrollment space is limited to the first 40 students.  

**No children allowed during ESL Orientation/Enrollment sessions**

HSE/GED Orientation/Enrollment

Orientation/Enrollment for HSE/GED classes vary by time and site.  Pleae see the HSE Fall Schedule to determine enrollment locations, times and dates.  


Class schedules are determined each year based on the interest of prospective learners.  If you do not see a class located in your area, please contact us with your interest.



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